Nervousness or anxiety, can be caused by many reasons and just like every other natural phenomenon it varies from one person to the other. I don’t have to be a doctor or a medical professional to tell that every human being on this earth has one or more things that are a source of concern for him or her. In our modern world today, one doesn’t need to be reminded that health, wants, security, money and other factors, is one of the major sources of worry for everybody, thus we can all say that anxiety is a daily part of our lives. However, as harmless as it may seem. Anxiety can also be malignant in a way if not properly controlled.


Worry today, contributes to one of the many factors why people fall into depressive states and engage in many unwholesome habits. It could be held accountable for the numerous drug addict and alcoholic addict states that many people fall into today. Also, it is a growing source of concern for the government of the world because it constitutes to the many cases of heart attack and high blood pressure, suicides and increasing rate of criminality in all countries.


Despite how serious it may be viewed, anxiety can easily be controlled and because it has always been one of the primitive ways of man, it can only be temporarily cured by a relaxed state of mind. The Chinese and the Indians over the years understood this philosophy and so, they came about ways in which a person could actually retain inner peace from worrisome thoughts. This means of achieving an inner peace of mind as taught by these civilizations is through the power of yoga and meditative exercises, also ingesting some powerful elixirs could as well relieve worries.


In the 21st century, where modern science and modern Medicine Direct covers all forms of our lives. There have also been significant discoveries made on how one could actually relieve him/her from worrisome thoughts. Modern doctors and psychological specialists advise that a good nutritional based supplement and the right mixture of vitamins can assist us with reducing our stress level and worry level.


But this method had always been a debated issue since it is known that people worry from different kinds of reasons and taking just a medicinal supplement prescription alone cannot be the cure for eliminating everybody worries. An instance is if a man doesn’t have money and he worries persistently on it, no matter the number of supplements and nutritional vitamins given to him, it would not eliminate his worries though it may slightly suppress it. But the fact would still remain that the man needs money.


Nevertheless, not all worries spring up from demand or want and some could be just as a result of psychological imbalances of the mind or as a result of stress level. Research has therefore proven that for those who have anxiety issues resulting from either of the two aforementioned factors, engaging oneself in some stress relieving exercises and drinking some recommended elixirs may actually be the answer to eliminating such worries. In this article I would provide the reader with some good elixirs which are capable of assisting one eliminate the issues of worry stemming from psychological issues only:





Also known by its biological name as Passiflora Incarnata. This elixir is known for its powerful condiment, it is a supplement derived from herbal sources. The condiment is extracted from the leaves, the petals and the stems of the passion flower plant, which is used in making the tea or distillations. The elixir can be mixed with other calming herbs to increase efficacy in the tea form.


The distillations as well can be added to juice or other drinks and ingested as recommended. The passion flower plant is mostly used as a calming agent to assist with anxiety or insomnia problems. It is an often agreed concept that this distillation works as well as some recommended drugs which assist with anxiety problems. It is also an agreed concept that the passion flower tea can assist in the reduction of hyperactivity, which is why it is used in supplements which are aimed at children.



This plant is known by its biological name as Valeriana Officinalis. The valerian root is an herbal supplement like the passion flower, it is widely soughed for its relaxing abilities. Unlike the passion flower which is extracted from the leaves and the stems, the valerian root is gotten from the root of the valerian plant, which is grounded and processed either in a tea form or pill form. The tea has an overpowering taste and it is not recommended for people who have a high sensitivity to taste as it may be arduous for them to swallow or ingest. But the pills are recommended as it is coated with a gel cap form and therefore makes it easy for ingestion by anybody.


The Rhodiola Rosea is an herbal supplement which has its roots in the colder regions of the globe, where it is popularly found. It’s mostly found in Russia where it has a high popularity in the country colds region, where it serves as a powerful elixir for the people in making their bodies adapt to the cold harsh climate they find themselves. The Rhodiola Rosea is mostly sold in pill forms and it is the root part of the plant that is used when manufacturing the herbal elixir. The supplement is active most when used as an anti-depressant and it is an agreed motive that the herbal compound moderates the amounts of serotonin and dopamine produced in the brain.




The white cherry botanical name is Withania Somifers. This supplement is gotten from India and it is sometimes called Ashwagandha. The part of the plant which is used for making the white cherry is the roots of the plant. The root is grounded and processed into pill form, which can be consumed. The Ashwagandha is used for treating issues arising from depression and anxiety.